The California Kurdish Community Center
A non-profit organization
stablished in January 2010
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California Kurdish Community Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law
The California Kurdish Community Center (CKCC) is a non-profit and a member-driven organization.

CKCC was established in the 1st Annual Conference (Jan-2010) prepared by the Preparation Community. The Preparation Committee was assembled by 16 volunteers. This committee worked very hard for two months to explore the feasibility of establishing the organization we have right now.

The California Kurdish Community Center is dedicated to encourage the involvement of the Kurdish or non-Kurdish people in America with Kurdish heritage and culture.  

Members of the California Kurdish Community Center organize and continuously work to undertake initiatives to create strong bonds amongst the Kurds who live in California, promote Kurdish culture, strengthen ties between the Kurds, Kurdish Americans, Americans, and other nationalities. 

The California Kurdish Community Center respects and supports consolidation of the rule of law and humanrights and welcomes new members regardless of their political and religious orientation.Our membership is extended to non-Kurds and they are encouraged to be involved.

CKCC shall serve the following
  • Represent and serve the interests
  • Develop programs and supplements to educate Kurdish and non-Kurdish communities of the Kurdish language, culture and history;
  • Work with existing Kurdish cultural communities in helping preserve the Kurdish culture and history;
  • Develop and improve solidarity bonds among the members of the American Kurdish community and further social and legal integration of the Kurdish community to the American society;
  • Create awareness amongst communities for the necessity of improving and protecting human rights;
  • Coordinate programs aimed at improving living conditions;
  • Develop relationships with other similar organizations and communities to develop stronger bonds between Kurds and non-Kurds, and engage in institutional partnerships with other organizations in order to further its purposes;